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We offer private lessons on a limited basis to those who (1) have significant and meaningful riding experience, (2) who can make a strong commitment to the sport of arena polo, and (3) who plan on joining our group lessons.  We also offer group lessons and coached practice games.  Thanks to our beautiful new indoor arena, we do not have weather related cancellations (unless we have a dangerous thunderstorm or a blizzard).

It is our view that most polo players do not get the type of instruction that will allow them to make adequate progress.  Most other sports, such as tennis or soccer, are taught in a systematic way.  In such sports, students are developed according to a specific plan.  Polo, on the other hand, is not really taught.  The rules are mostly ignored as few "instructors" know them well enough to teach them. Players are given minimal instruction and then coaxed into playing in matches that are too fast for them and for which they need to hire professionals to play on their team.  In these games, they hardly ever get their mallet on the ball – the amateurs usually think the game was a success if they get to touch the ball two or three times per game; usually spend the rest of the time riding off the amateur on the other team.  This is not a particularly efficient way to learn to play polo.  When my son played soccer, his coach told him that he should aim to have between 500 and 1000 ball touches a day.  Polo players can’t match that, but clearly two or three ball touches a game three times a week is not enough!

New players should learn (1) the basic principles of horsemanship and the correct way to ride and control a polo pony; (2) the correct technique for striking or tapping the ball; (3) game strategy; and (4) the rules.  All of these are best taught with drills.  Students learn through repetition – they’ll need to get their mallets on the ball hundreds, or better yet, thousands of times.  While some polo clubs look to develop sponsors, we develop players.

A word about the rules of polo: they can be complicated, they can be confusing, but they are critically important.  They are designed to keep everyone safe, but can also be used to defeat opponents.  Players who do not study them or ignore them are destined to remain mediocre players.  At Natania, the rules are always emphasized, and are explained both in the arena and at white-board sessions before or after games.



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