Client Testimonials

The following are a few comments received from some of our club members, or clinic attendees.  We have not included names to protect the privacy of these individuals, but I assure you they are real...

Not only does Amir know the rules thoroughly but he also can explain them to novice and pro alike.

I had the opportunity over the past several years to ride and play with some of the pros in practice chukkers, and quite honestly my goal was to stay out of everyone’s way… I was not made to be responsible for my position. An emphasis on the rules and responsibilities [at Natania] has made me start to think, and I believe my skills have improved just by being in better position on the field. I also really enjoy the “bite size” [white board] lessons we get before practice. It is also really nice to work with a group who places a high emphasis on safety and respect for the equine athlete.

After the first couple of years of playing polo, I found progress slowed. I was hiring "pros" and they did the work but did not teach. Two years ago I started playing with [Amir] Ahmad … at Natania. Learning came at an order of magnitude faster pace


Thank you for yesterday. I feel like the pieces of the polo puzzle are starting to fall in place for me … Thank you wholeheartedly for your persistence and patience and your undying love for teaching the sport! 

You can't go wrong at the Natania Polo Club with Amir Ahmad Pirasteh. He is the consummate polo professional both in and off the arena. I have learned more about playing polo, and, indeed, have improved all my polo skills in just four or five months with Ahmad, than I learned the entire previous year and a half. He knows horses, people, polo, rules, strategies, equipment and anything related to polo, AND makes the sport fun. He is a very good coach and referee. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning the sport, playing to win, and playing to have fun.

The following letter is from  a teacher  about a Natural Horsemanship presentation and demonstration to a group of students :

Thank You! You touched the lives of the students who came to your farm this year in greater depth perhaps than any activity has ever done before. I have heard more from those students than all 200 plus students that did other activities. One of the children … has often asked me questions about why I do certain things with [my horse], but your demonstrations and explanations made it “click” for her. She has begged me that if I bring [my horse] out to you this summer for some help that I let her come. Many of the other students were also “illuminated” and have questioned how they have always done things. I hope that you were able to feel their energy while you were with them. It has been the buzz at school for sure.

I shared with [our polo manager] the notebook packed with great information and the FABULOUS experience you gave us [at the clinic] and she's excited to have a "polo professor" come and teach our "students".



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